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March 6, 2021

Mission Possible: Arts+Justice+Mission is an attempt at Event Art. It is a shared common experience that invites individual and group reflection on art, justice, and the mission of God to restore the world to the wholeness Christ intends. The major assumption behind Mission Possible is suppose for a moment that God created a good creation and that we have been given all that we need. Suppose it isn’t a lack of resources but a lack of imagination that prevents the people of God from being on mission with God. The artists give us a shared language in which to describe and speak about God’s mission. The mission is the foundation for all that we do and ways that we live in the world. Justice is a simple, yet tangible way we can be on mission with God.

Featured Collaborator

Shanice Fisher (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)

Alcohol Tobacco & Other Drugs (ATOD) Health Educator, Old Dominion University

I am Shanice Alexander, a millennial in search of truth. I disciple students & young adults and inspire them to have real relationships with God, themselves, and their neighbors. As a University ATOD Health Educator, I’ve learned that invoking hope for holistic wellness is an act of impartation; this has made my job and assignment, a mission field. Currently, I am imagining, exploring, and discovering my partnership with God – and this excites me. Also, I am in love with the arts- I sing (in the shower), I dance (in my living room), and I write (to God). NICE TO MEET YOU!

Artist Collaborators & Breakout Leaders

Brandess Holmes (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)


Brandess is an ODU Alumna with a BA in Studio Art and a minor in Psychology. She is currently in Freedom School of Ministry and plans on attending grad school for Art Therapy. She has a passion for Jesus, people, and art and tries to take every opportunity to advance the kingdom with creativity!

Dani Miller-Holmes (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)

Outreach Education Specialist, Samaritan House, Inc.

Dani is a graduate of Baylor’s School of Social Work and Baylor’s Truett Seminary with Masters degrees in Social Work and Divinity.  She has worked in the field of homelessness in multiple capacities such as Community Educator, Resident Advocate, and Housing Stabilization Case Manager with the goal of working with individuals and families who became homeless because they were fleeing domestic violence.  Part of her current work is to facilitate conversation about what domestic violence looks like in our area, how the community can help and what Samaritan House is doing to intervene and prevent domestic violence.  She also works closely with underserved populations to increase their access to services and to increase our understanding of their needs.

Ben Blanchard (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)

Associate for Parish Life & Music Director, Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

Ben is an artist, musician, and creative thrifter who lives on the margins spending most of his time creating art from trash, singing hymns in breweries, and connecting with others.

Jordan Brown (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)

Director, Urban Renewal Center

Jordan is glad to serve and lead the charge for the URC.  He comes to us from Wave Leadership College where he is a professor and curriculum chair, specializing in hermeneutics as well as faith and culture.  Jordan has spent years in service to the community through ministerial leadership and education advocacy.  Working for the Access College Foundation for 10 years, he served underprivileged students and helped them to realize their potential.  He’s also served on the executive board for the Urban League of Hampton Roads Young Professionals.  He is also creator and co-host of the podcast, I-2-I (Inspired to Inspire), a show that has open, honest, and real conversations about all things life and faith, telling stories of inspiration while addressing important topics in today’s culture through a Christo-centric lens.

Courtney Pierce (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)

Anti-Trafficking Outreach & Direct Service Coordinator, Samaritan House, Inc.

Courtney is a graduate of Tidewater Community College and Regent University.  She has worked with survivors of violence for the past 9 years.  She served a 2-year term on the public policy committee for the state of Virginia through the Virginia Action Alliance.  In addition to her role as Coordinator, Courtney is the Chair of the African American Advisory Committee.  Courtney is honored and grateful to serve all survivors.

Christen Turney (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)


Christen is a penwoman and calligraphy teacher in Norfolk, Virginia.  From the moment the tines of her pointed pen nib split, she was hooked on calligraphy and has not looked back.  She is a member of the Washington Calligraphers Guild and the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting and loves sharing about calligraphy and handwriting with her local community, guild, and beyond.  She works in both broad edge and pointed pen calligraphy, but has a particular love for Copperplate script and its variations.  As owner of her small business, Allocco Design, Christen specializes in traditional calligraphy scripts and custom commissions.  She is also the cohost of The Calligraphy Podcast, a podcast for calligraphers to talk about, share, and grow in their art, while cultivating community along the way.

Interactive Experiences

Prayer Labyrinth (Old Dominion Univ. – Arts + Justice + Mission)

A labyrinth is used in Christian prayer and meditation. It is not a maze – there is a clear path in and out. In the Middle Ages, labyrinths were used as a way for people to participate in a pilgrimage without the expense or time required in going to another place. Labyrinths were created on the floors of cathedrals to help draw people into meditation. Below is a finger labyrinth for you to use as you pray.

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