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The Uptick Artists Collective is a group of artists from Virginia and beyond who are passionate about making disciples and using their crafts to inspire. Birthed in 2014 by Logan Jones and Rachel Pierce, and the investment from Uptick, Logan and Rachel began to pay it forward to a group of singer/songwriter and worship leaders. Over the course of the next several years a collective of artists was born.

Each year a group of artists gather to learn, be discipled, create and pay it forward to the next generation of creative leaders. Since 2014, more than 18 artists have joined the collective. Each one serves and creates with their respective craft some Pastors, some Worship Leaders, some painters, photographers, singers, songwriters and the like.

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Hanna Watson

Hanna Elisabeth Watson was raised in a Christ-centered household where she created countless hand-clapping, foot-stomping, Pentecostal memories. Despite her foundations, she often behaved like the Biblical prodigal son, struggling to see relationship with God as the ultimate prize in a world that offered a wealth of scintillating gifts. However, when confronted with the harrowing reality of police brutality, Hanna found solace in a deeper reliance on the God who desired to make her broken community and wandering soul new. It was then that Hanna began to write spoken word poetry.

Through this art form, the Creator reintroduced Himself to her by teaching her how to mimic His methods of making something good out of nothing–nothing but the words that He would give her. So today, Hanna is a protégé (noun. one who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence) of God, the most prolific spoken word poet of all time.

Hanna studies Poetry and African-American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she continually publishes and performs her work. She has ministered in cities from Washington D.C. to Cape Town, South Africa, and was featured in Poets in Autumn, the largest spoken word tour in the world.

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Hanna’s Poetry

Your (Multiethnic, Inter-racial, Cross-Cultural) Kingdom Come 
A podcast on reconciliation

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