We will have 10 different breakout sessions emphasizing different ways to creatively engage with justice, art, action, storytelling, technology, and more. All 10 breakout sessions will be repeated during the second breakout session time slot. The breakout sessions will help you to explore ways to practice justice locally, globally, creatively, prophetically, formationally, and more.

April Knight
BREAKOUT: #scripturedoodle
During this workshop worship artist April Knight will share her heart for creativity in worship and explore what it looks like to use your creative gifts to worship God. You will hear about #scripturedoodle, where it came from and about its purpose. You will also have the opportunity to do your own #scripturedoodle and explore what creativity in worship looks like for you.

Harp 46
Breakout: Live Music as a Subversive Act
How can we understand music as something other than entertainment? Harp 46 will share about how live music stands as a witness for human connection, empathy, and hope – and how it the creative and performing arts have been both a source of struggle and strength in their journey.

IJM (led by Susan Conway & CNU IJM Student Leaders)
Breakout: Justice on Your Campus
If you have been wondering how to both practice and mobilize others to do justice while a student in college, this session is for you. Led by both IJM staff and CNU students on the heels of a justice awareness week, will provide insights on how to stir up imagination about justice on your campus too!

IJM (Wayne Barnard)
Breakout: Calling, Career, and Beyond
How can you connect your passion for justice to your career, faith, and community? In this session, IJM staff member Wayne Barnard will help you to ask great questions that will help you see your career, calling, and faith in connection to the work of justice in the world today.

Virginia Beach Justice Initiative (Anthony Gould & Tanya Street)
Breakout: Local Awareness & Action
What does doing justice in your local area look like? Virginia Beach Justice Initiative is a faith based, grassroots coalition consisting of former victims, mental and medical health professionals, attorneys, law enforcement and military personnel, journalists, educators, social workers, pastors, students and passionate community volunteers who are partnering together to see an end to human trafficking in our region. Our Mission is to end human trafficking in the Hampton Roads area through education and awareness, prevention and advocacy campaigns and prayer. We are initiating change by building a coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations that work together to (1) prevent the victimization of individuals and (2) create a comprehensive program to identify and then assist victims from the time of rescue to recovery and reintegration.

Nick Shrank
Breakout: Creativity, Work, and Stories
In this session, once-NFL-hopeful-turned-entrepreneur Nick Shrank will discuss how his faith impacts the way that he started his own business, thinks about branding, and sees his business as an opportunity to give glimpses into the work that God is doing in the world. If you wondered how your business or marketing degree could fit into the work of art, mission or justice, then this session is a great fit for you.

Network for Theological Education (Tom Lynch)
Breakout Session: Collaborative Lab
Adopting a restorative language posture and collaborating with others. The importance and use of language in practicing ministry. Brainstorm/dream together about YOUR ideas. No ideas = short breakout.  The Network for Theological Education is searching for creative ideas and people to resource as they explore the arts, justice, ministry, mission, work, school, research, writing, you name it – we want to adopt you and help you do your thing. (Note: All ideas will be considered. Not all ideas and their trajectories will be adopted and resourced. Examples are Mission Possible and the Latino Certificate of the Latino Network)

Chris Folmsbee
Breakout Session: Leading Others Into the Mission of God
What does leadership look like when participating in the mission of God? If God is inviting us to participate in the restoration of the world to its intended wholeness, then how can we help to mobilize our groups, churches, friends, and community to help God’s kingdom be on earth as in heaven. In this session, Chris will help to ask great questions, and out of his diverse leadership experience, give some insight on how to cultivate leadership in the mission of God.